Tain and District Field Club has hosted informative and social meetings for over 35 years. The emphasis is on natural history focusing both on this local area and within the wider scientific community as well.

Speakers have come from all over the British Isles with their specialties and we are a richer community for their contributions over the period.

Unless otherwise specified meet at 7:30pm in the Tain Parish Church Hall.

Our next LECTURE :


13 September 2016 at 7pm


followed at 7:30pm by

Rewilding Scotland

David Balharry

(Scottish Director, Rewilding Britain)

Transit of Mercury

Monday, 9th May.

If you miss this one there will be a partial transit visible in the British Isles on 11th November 2019 but the next full transit doesn’t occur until 7th May 2049!

This is not a normal field trip
Russell will have a telescope set up for projection at his house throughout the day so that TDFC members can drop in.
Russell’s house is Cartomie, Edderton, IV19 1LB  (NH 709 858)

I will have a telescope set up for projection as well from mid afternoon.
Again you are welcome to drop in.
My house is 3,Springfield, Morangie Road, Tain, IV19 1HR (NH 775 824)

Eclipse glasses will be available at both places for direct viewing.

The timing (BST) of the main events in the transect are:
12:12 – First contact
15:56 – Mid transect
19:40 – Transect ends
You can find full details on the “Astronomy Now” website (http://astronomynow.com/2016/05/07/how-and-when-to-observe-the-transit-of-mercury-on-9-may/)

LECTURE Programme
2016 – 2017
(37th season) :

FIELD TRIP Programme
for 2016 – 2017:

13 September 2016 at 7pm


followed at 7:30pm by

Rewilding Scotland

David Balharry

(Scottish Director, Rewilding Britain)

Summer Weekend

Argyll (Lochgilphead / Knapdale area)

20 – 22 May 2016
Friday, pm to Sunday, noon

Areas of interest: Beaver re-introduction, Lochgilphead area, Argyll Accommodation: Torran Bay Hostel

Check back here for further details

11 October 2016


Comets and Meteors

in our Scottish skies

Denis Buczynski

(British Astronomical Association, Comet Section)

Raasal Ashwood National Nature Reserve

11 June 2016, Saturday

SNH – Ash woodland pasture
Ash woodland at Raasal – Woodland Trust

Grid ref: NG845430
Size: 17.07 ha (42.18 acres)

Check back here for details.

08 November 2016


Species recording
by Accident and Design

Stewart Taylor

Highland Biological Recording Group

Beinn Eighe National Nature Reserve

30 July 2016, Saturday

Muir, river & woodland walk

Britain’s oldest National Nature Reserve
Visit Victoria Falls (not that one; our local one)

Check back for details.

13 December 2016

Red Squirrel Reintroduction Project

Becky Priestley

(Wildlife Officer, Trees for Life)

Trees fo Life

Dunbeath River Walk

21 August 2016, Sunday

Neil Gunn’s “Highland River”
An interesting northern strath rich inwildlife and archeology.

10 January 2017

Bringing Blera back from the Brink

Saving the Pine Hoverfly

Ross Watson



2 September 2016, Friday

Tain Service Point,
High Street

10 am to 12 noon

Home-bakes, plants, books for sale
Lucky spikes on Peggy Hedgehog

14 February 2017

Forty shades of green

The Rainforests of Britain and Ireland

Clifton Bain

14 March 2017

Marine Renewable Energy

Assessing the Impacts on Seabirds

Elizabeth Masden

(UHI North Highland College)

Previous Field Excursions

Please Note:
All field trips are dependent on weather and the vagaries of nature so two or three days before the trip please let us know by e-mail or phone that you intend to come.

Anyone attending Tain & District Field Club meetings or field trips does so at their own risk.

Always bring clothing appropriate for the terraine and the weather

Tain is located in Easter Ross – that’s the eastern part of Ross-shire, north of Inverness, in Scotland.

Tain is very near several large tidal inlets; the Dornoch Firth on our northern doorstep, Loch Fleet, another tidal firth lies within 10 miles to the north, the Cromarty Firth is a few miles south and the Inner Moray Firth just a bit further south and east.

We have fine agricultural land around us in the east grading into poorer and higher soils going west to the mountains along Scotland’s west coast.

The climate is equable, for the northern latitude, allowing a very interesting assemblage of endemic flora.  We lie at the northern periphery of several important species of plants and animals, and correspondingly near the southern periphery of others.

The activities of TDFC revolve around the winter schedule of speakers, each selected for their expertise and also their ability to relate to our audience. There are also a couple of social events to help bind community links and, importantly, there are trips into the field to observe and learn at the hand of an expert.

For more than 37 years meetings have been held on the second Tuesday each month during the winter season, normally in the Tain Parish Church hall, (NH 779 821), starting at 19:30. Tea and coffee after speakers have finished allows discussion and networking, or more closely questioning the speaker of the day. Members discuss observations of the preceding weeks and bring notable events or observations to the attention of the meeting.

The public is invited and encouraged to attend events, lectures and field excursions.  We have a very friendly atmosphere and are as sociable as we are interested in the science and natural history presented to us.  Members contribute an annual fee and at events a small charge is asked from non-members to help defray costs.

Members of TDFC are frequently also members of the Highland Biological Recording Group or the British Trust for Ornithology. Many observations given by TDFC members are relayed to these two larger bodies where active data sets of biological records are kept. See Links for other relevant organisations.

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