Lunar Eclipse, Dec 2010 – watch from under your duvet

Live webcast of Total Lunar Eclipse and Teide Shadow.

The eclipse and positioning of the shadow of Europe’s’ highest point will take place simultaneously on 21 December and will be broadcast from Teide if weather conditions are suitable.


A total lunar eclipse occurs when Earth passes between the Sun and the Moon. Earth’s shadow causes the moon disappears for about an hour. Unlike total solar eclipses, lunar eclipses are seen from all over the night hemisphere of Earth. Lunar eclipse data for Canary Island which is mirrored by our own timings in Scotland:

Events Time (UT) Moon Az Moon Alt
Moon go to half-light of earth 05:29:17 282 22
Moon go to darkness of earth 06:32:37 288 12
Start total Lunar eclipse 07:40:47 295 2


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2 Responses to “Lunar Eclipse, Dec 2010 – watch from under your duvet”

  1. Russell says:

    Photos of the eclipse by Russell

  2. David says:

    Four eclipse photos from David: