Ospreys Arrival 2010

Russell sends a report of six sightings yesterday:

Ospreys reported today: 20/03/2010

20/03/10 Osprey London, Rainham Marshes, RSPB 15:00 one flew west mid-afternoon
20/03/10 Osprey Perth/Kinross, Guay one mid-morning over the Atholl Estates
20/03/10 Osprey Herts, Rye Meads, RSPB 16:05 one flew north late afternoon
20/03/10 Osprey Herts, Amwell GPs 16:15 two flew north late afternoon
20/03/10 Osprey Perth/Kinross, Loch of the Lowes, SWT 10:30 unringed male seen on the nest for 5 minutes but not the usual male
20/03/10 Osprey E Sussex, Weir Wood Reservoir 11:00 one to the right of the west end car park feeding on fish viewed from the platform

This report comes from ‘Birdguides’.

One Response to “Ospreys Arrival 2010”

  1. David McAllister says:

    20/06/10 Sunday
    Local nest. The female feeding one well grown young. May have been a 2nd chick in the nest but couldn’t be certain as it didn’t raise its head.