Roadside Verge Cutting – Or Not!

Highland Council seeks to satisfy connoisseurs of wild flowers and to save money all in one operation.

If roadside verges are cut less frequently, or cut at a different time, some flowers will be encouraged and less fuel and fewer man-hours will be required.

The call to the public from the Council by the council can be seen HERE.

Chairman of TEC Services Committee, Councillor Graham Phillips said:
“Safety is of course of paramount importance on roads, so cutting regimes will only be altered when it is safe to do so.”

Anyone wishing to take part should send the information about the best road verges in their area to the Council’s Biodiversity Officer, Jonathan Willet.  He said:  “Most verges have white and yellow flowers on them, but there are also red, blue, violet and pink that are commonly seen.  If you know of verges that are good for orchids or Cuckoo Flower or other flowers that are out earlier in the year then you can let us know about them as well.”

He can be contacted by telephoning 01463 702274 or e-mailing

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