June 2011 Excursion; Handa and Geopark

On 10th June, Friday, until Sunday, 12th June 10 TDFC members enjoyed very fine weather while visiting Handa and performing a short car tour from rock outcrop to viewpoint to woodland to see rocks, plants, insects, birds and geology students.In either campsite or B&B two overnights, two meals, two days of walking and examining the environment was much enjoyed as little adverse weather interfered with birding or botanising.

On Saturday a walk round Handa after a very wet spell found reasonably dry conditions, some  nests with chicks, fledged and non-fledged, fine views in all directions including Kittiwakes and Terns massed above shoals of sand eels, and Gannets in a hurry.  Here are some pictures:

Puffins on The Great StackClick image to view

On Sunday another, sunnier, day offered a drive toward the road home, stopping to examine rocks near and far – the thrust faults seen stretching across the hill slopes in the background.  Many groups of geological students, young and old, helped to decide to move quickly on to the Little Assynt Estate Woodland where after a ramble round the new path network our party broke up.Here are some pictures:

0202cSmallPearlBorderedFritillaryClick image to view

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