Rockpooling at Shandwick Beach

Saturday 14th July, 2012 was a change for us – the sun shone.

Fitfully it must be said, but someone did spot a shadow.  And it was not cold, at least not too cold.

So, examining the pools at low tide produced a fine batch of beasties. Followed by a fine barbequed meal in the fresh air.

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Shore artClick image to view

On Shandwick Beach
Specimen bucket
Egg mass - possibly Whelk
Beadlet Anemone
Sea Hare
Sea Hare egg strand
Green Shore Crab
Contemplating the next pool

Goby specimenClick image to view

The Goby
Christine & Russell
Starfish showing tube feet
Starfish collection
Sea shore art no 2

The barbeque pitClick image to view

Inside the beach hut


List of Species Seen in the Shandwick rockpools. Download the list.
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Shandwick Species ListClick list to view

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