List of Speakers and Talk Titles

Speakers who have given a talk to the Tain & District Field Club.

Tain and District Field Club

Speakers Topics
James Aitken Scottish Mountains and their Wildflowers
Sandy Anderson Birdwatching Offshore
Dr. Rebekka Artz Peatland Restoration
Cath Bain Tales of a Marine Mammal Medic
David Balharry Pine Martens
Dick Balharry Pine Martens and Wildcats
Brian and Barbara Ballinger Three Woods and a Pond
Allan Bantick Wildlife of Spey Valley
David Barbour Highland Moths
Tim Barton Island Life on South Georgia
Zul Battia Insh Marshes
Dave Battie Eastern Birchwods
Dr. Alan Bennell Fungi,
Plant Hunters
Stewart Birks St. Kilda Working Party
Brian Boag New Zealand Flatworms
Dr. William Bodles Montane Scrub
Dr. Alan Bowman Ticks
Roger Broad Fair Isle
Janet Bromham Highland Biodiversity
Hugh Brown Pine Martens,
Duncan Bryden Integrated Land Use in Rothiemurchus
Gwen Bush Highland Flowers
David Butterfield Sahara Desert Top of List
Nigel Buxton Wildflowers in Outer Hebrides End of List
Glen Campbell SWT Northern Reserves
Neil Campbell Freshwater Fishes
Lois Canham Mink
Kenna Chisholm RSPB in Ross-shire
Tim Clifford Beinn Eighe
Julian Clokie Seaweeds
Ian Collier Highland Red Squirrels
Ray Collier Dragonflies
Jim Conroy Shetland Otters
Martin Cook Wildlife of Moray,
Crested Tits
Andrew Cooper Scotland’s Peat Bogs
Sandy and Brian Coppins Atlantic Hazel
Dr. Line Cordes Harbour Seals in Loch Fleet
Roger Cottis Highland Badgers
Colin Crooke Red Kites and Sea Eagles,
Ospreys and Peregrines
Andrew Currie Inner Hebrides
Mike Daniels Wildcats
Dr Tom Dargie Origin and Ecology of the Morrich More
Roy Dennis RSPB,
Birdwatching in Northeast Greenland and Spitzbergen,
Wildlife Adventures,
Restoring the Highland Ecosystem
Becks Denny Water Voles
Des Duggan Abernethy Forest Top of List
Peter Duncan Creag Meagaidh End of List
Bob Dunsmore Forestry and Climate Change,
Forestry and Conservation
Chris Eatough Woodland Restoration on Rum
Dr. Mary Elliott ESA’s in the Uists
Brian Etheridge Hen Harriers,
Ian Evans Wildflowers of Assynt
Dr. Peter Evans Dolphins in the Moray Firth
Donald Fisher Sutherland Geopark
Dr. Kathy Fletcher Ptarmigan
Simon Foster Studies of Coastal Waders
Dr. Tony Fox Greenland Whitefronted Geese
Mark Foxwell SWT Northern Reserves
Dr. Martin Gaywood Climate and the Highlands
Dr. Dave Genney Lichens
Diana Gilbert Highland Birchwoods
Alison Gill Whales and Dolphins in the Minch
Dr. Con Gillen Geological Evolution,
Geology of the Highlands
Dr. Mauvis Gore Basking Sharks
Martin Gorman Otters
Kenny Graham Corncrakes,
Justin Grant Sea Eagles,
Golden Eagles
Dr. Paul Griffiths SEPA’s Environmental Work
Rachel Harding-Hill Moray Firth Partnership Top of List
Dr. Dan Harries Lochalsh Flameshell Reefs End of List
Mike Harris Seabirds and Sandeels
Malcolm Harvey Highland Birds of Prey
Dr. David Hetherington Cairngorm National Park and Lynx Reintroduction
Raymond Hewson Mountain Hares
Tony Hinde Managing Woodlands for Wildlife
Kesiah Hobson Pine Marten Recovery
Dr. Peter Hollingsworth Willows
Dr. Felicity Huntingford Feeding Behaviour in Salmon Parr
David Jardine Birds in Colonsay
Simon Jones Beaver Reintroduction in Argyll
Terry Keating Blanket Bogs
Kenny Kortland RSPB in Ross-shire
Ian Langford Barn Owls
Colin Lesley Woodland Management for Birds
Sir John Lister-Kaye Nature’s Child
John Love Rum,
Sea Eagles,
Uist Machairs
Philip Lusby British Orchids
David Mardon Ben Lawers Alpine Plants
Tony Mainwood Storm Petrels,
Migrants on Foula
Birds of Nepal
Mike Marquis Crossbills
Katy Martin Merkinch LNR
Susan Masson Badgers
Sean Meikle World Tour
David Miller Beinn Eighe
John Miller Trees in the Highlands Top of List
Keith Miller John Muir Trust End of List
Pete Moore Insh Marshes
Stephen Moran Grasshoppers
Prof. Jenny Mordue Midges
Dr. Robert Moss Capercaillie
Mary Macdonald Botany
Dr. Murdo Macdonald Bees Ants and Wasps,
Ling and Lousewort,
Highland Bumblebees,
Anne Mackay Seals and Dolphins,
Alaskan Adventure
Sandy Maclennan Conservation in the Highlands Native Woods,
25 Years of Change In the Highlands
Lea Macnally Red Deer,
Golden Eagle,
Finlay Macrae Caledonian Pine Forest
David McAllister Foula,
Summer Isles,
Derek McGinn Natural History Sound Recording
Neil McIntyre Wildlife’s Wildplaces
Simon McKelvie Alien Invaders
Maggie Nelson Taxidermy
Dr. Scott Newey Mountain Hares
Andrew Nolan Heather Moorland Ecology
David O’Brien Amphibians in Scotland Top of List
Eddie Orbell Highland Wildlife Park End of List
Dr. Chris Parsons Whales and Dolphins
John Parrott Aspen
Dr. Iain Patterson Crop Damage by Wild Geese
Dr Sandy Payne Merlins
Dr. Iain Pennie Spitzbergen
Dr. Nick Picozzi Hen Harriers
Peter Pitkin Mosses and Liverworts
Tom Prescott Highland Butterflies
Becky Priestly Red Squirrel Reintroduction
Polly Pullar Fauna Scotica
Donald Omand Landscapes and Antiquities of the Northern Isles
Stuart Rae Cairngorms
Bob Reid Sea Mammal Strandings
Elspeth Reid Geology in Easter Ross
Dr. Jane Reid Ringing Choughs and Shags
Murray Roberts Coral in Deep Water
Ben Ross Wildlife Crime
Norrie Russell Birds and Bogs of Forsinard
Alex Scott Wildlife Past and Present in Inchnadamph
Kirstin Scott Ecology of Peat Bogs,
Salt Marshes
Ro Scott Otters and Wildcats,
HBRG Mammal Atlas
Michael Scott Birds and Flowers of the Algarve
Sue Scott Marine Biology
Dr. John Shearer Salmon Smolt Farming Top of List
Adrian Shine Ecology of Loch Ness End of List
Bob and Betty Smith Dragonflies
Tilly Smith The Real Rudolph
Sarah Smyth Alien Invaders
Brian Staines Deer in the Highlands
Jenni Stockan Sawflies
Dr. Tim Stowe Corncrakes
Sheila Street Lichens
Bob Swann Bird Atlas,
Wader Studies in The Moray Firth,
Goose Catching in Iceland
Dr. Susan Swift British Bats
Richard Sutcliffe Butterflies
Dr. Chris Sydes Effect of Global Warming on the Flora
and Fauna of the Highlands
Fraser Symonds Wildlife of South Africa,
Peatbogs and Mudflats
Dr. Andy Taylor The Forgotten Kingdom – Fungi
Dr. Kenny Taylor Puffins,
Gulls on St. Kilda,
Cairngorms and Wildlife,
Stewart Taylor Loch Garten
Valerie Thom Birds in Scotland
Patrick Thompson Farmland Waders Top of List
Dr. Paul Thompson Seals in the Moray Firth End of List
Dr. Peter Tilbrook Antarctica
Dr. Mel Tonkin Red Squirrels
Willie Towers Soil – the Forgotten Asset
Bobby Tulloch Shetland Wildlife
Alan Vittery Cephalonia Spring
Alan Watson-Featherstone Dundreggan Estate
Dr. Jeff Watson Wildlife of the Seychelles,
Golden Eagles
John Watt Highland Natural History Records
David Whitaker Northern Forest and Their Wildlife,
Highland Wildlife
Jonathan Willet Dragonflies
Andrea Williams Ospreys at Loch of the Lowes
Doug Willis Hedges, Verges and Dykes,
Natural History of the Black Isle
Hayley Wiswell Spiders
Prof. Steven Woodward Forest Fungi,
Why are our Trees Dying?
Peter Wortham Botany of the Highlands
Dr. Mark Young Pearl Mussels,
Butterflies and Moths
Anne Youngman Bats
Dick Youngson Deer Management in the Highlands
Paul Yoxon Otters Top of List
Please Note some speakers have given several talks to the Field Club with only a partial list given here.

This is the end of this list.

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