North Highlands Forestry

Graeme Findlay from the Golspie office of the Forestry Commission spoke briefly about how much the FC role had shifted from planting and extraction toward biodiversity and enhancing the citizen’s experience of their forest estate.

Examples of the new priorities were the opening of footpaths and cycleways as well as emphasis on native and broadleaved species.

Graeme said the Forestry Commission welcomed contacts and observations from the general public.

Audience questions raised the point that with 42,000 employed in the Scottish sector biological recording bodies would welcome observations from anyone working in the wood.

Other topics raised were the rate of extraction and what was a sustainable harvest, and what species policy guided replanting.

Thanks to Graeme for coming to speak to us.  We hope more Forestry Commission people will join us for our lecture seasons.  The Field Club has welcomed speakers from the Forestry Commission in past years.

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