Philip Entwistle

Many members will be sad to hear of the death of Philip Entwistle on Sunday 5th August.

I first met Philip when he came to the Highlands to carry out work on pine beauty moth and other conifer pests. Ivan & I caught birds for him.

After he moved to the Highlands I got to know him better through HBRG and TDFC meetings which he attended regularly. As co-editor, along with Stephen Moran, of the HBRG’s Highland Naturalist we knew that Philip would supply us with consistently high quality contributions either by himself or under the pen name of “Polybius”. His interests ranged widely: galls of oak, juniper & other conifers, flies, winter death of gorse, separation of different species of birch, sea shore fauna and much else.

Philip’s contributions and conversation were always of the highest quality and based on his very wide reading. A true polymath.

In TDFC his astute questions, dry humour and vast knowledge of many aspects of natural history will be greatly missed.

David McAllister
(Chairman TDFC)

Philip Entwistle

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