2014 Aspen Catkins

It is not since 2010 that breeding Aspen has been seen locally – SEE HERE.  On April 14, 2014 a single Aspen was seen near Ardgay with a good display of male catkins.

2014 Aspen Male Flowers, ArdgayClick image to view

There are many Aspen stems in the area but none other than this one show any sign of catkin flowers.  It may be time to start noting whether any other Aspen will flower this year.

April 19; about 200m away from the Aspen stem above another showed signs of catkins (photo below).  These are female flowers and are so far restricted to only a few upper branches.

19 April 2014, Aspen with female catkinsClick image to view

19 April 2014, Aspen with female catkins19 April 2014, Aspen with female catkins, Ardgay

Russell has seen female Aspen flowers in Edderton, see below:

2014 Female Aspen Flowers at Edderton DSCF0095cClick image to view

2014 Female Aspen Flowers at Edderton, by Russell

Contact us if you see any flowering Aspen; take photos and note the date and location/grid reference.

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One Response to “2014 Aspen Catkins”

  1. Phil says:

    Looking regularly up at the female Aspen flowers very nearby a set of six birds was seen just now ‘unfastening’ the Aspen catkins and hopping to another branch. The birds became frightened at the human intrusion below and flew off.

    The book description for Crossbills matched the appearance of the birds seen. Crossbills are known to live within the woodland a few hundred metres away.

    Do Crossbills take and eat Aspen catkins? Are the Crossbills yet another threat to Aspen success at breeding?