First Frog Spawn – 2011

Who has seen frog spawn this spring in Ross-shire or Sutherland? 


Please report your first sighting this year and where that was.

If you are checking for early frog spawn and want to report it please add a comment below with date and location with these details, (minimum essentials shown in bold):

Place (a name from an OS map is best)
OS Grid Ref
Person who recorded this
Notes e.g habitat details, time, altitude

As usual, the first sighting report was from Betty in  Strathcarron by Ardgay.

The year 2011 has now passed into  history – please look in newer posts for ‘First Frog Spawn (This Year)’.

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16 Responses to “First Frog Spawn – 2011”

  1. debbie says:

    we have had frogs in our pond since i was a child im 53 now and our first frog spawn came from the local canal does anybody feed there tadpoles we do they are fasinating to watch quite carnivores and we have noticed they will eat dead frogs and will also cling on to living adults although they will kick them off im not quite sure what you are suppose to feed them but they love bread prawns and beef cubes on a stick we love them never cut grass until they are gone although our dog is fasinated with them

  2. debbie says:

    hi everybody we have 2 ponds one is netted with fish other is for frogs a newts the frogs have been back now for two weeks plenty of frog spawn we normanly have 50 each year different sizes and colour had a bright orange one last year although they spawn we havent produced any froglets for about 2seasons although we still have baby newts we can only imagine that there is a creature in there is eating the spawn any ideas

  3. Just the sort of sighting for the Big Spawn Count; Pond Conservation, Amphibian & Reptile Conservation and ARG UK are collaborating on this research into the effect of winter kill.

  4. admin says:

    Dear Gerry,

    Thanks for this interesting observation!

    Amphibians breeding in the Winter is more common than you might think but is usually seen in southern Europe! We think of frogs as spawning in the spring, but the truth is that they tend to spawn (i) when there’s enough water in the ponds and (ii) importantly, when they sense there are the right sorts of algae in the pond that will support their growing tadpoles. When the autumn is mild and ponds re-fill by December-time, spawning can and does occur, though usually not on a large scale.

    The danger is that there will now be a very cold spell and the eggs/tadpoles will freeze to death. If you happen to be in the area again over the Winter I would be interested to know if the spawn hatches and develops successfully.



    Dr. John W. Wilkinson
    Research and Monitoring Officer
    Amphibian and Reptile Conservation

  5. David McAllister says:

    Thanks for the interesting record of December frog spawn. Our group is based in the Highlands of Scotland where we have snow even at low levels today so definitely no frog spawn here. I’m afraid I don’t know how common this would be in Cornwall.

    I would suggest contacting Amphibian and Reptile Conservation ( or Froglife ( with this record.


  6. Gerry says:

    December 5th 2011. Just returned from walking dogs at Goonhilly Downs on the LIzard in Cornwall and have seen numerous clusters of frog spawn. Is this latest sighting of 2011 or earliest for 2012 ? Whatever, there is an awful lot of it.

  7. Irene Thomson says:

    Having lost so many frogs due to the bad winter weather I had become worried. Two weeks ago spotted a male and female common frog ‘embracing’ and also heard male frogs calling. Did a water test and results were healthy.

    First frog spawn spotted this morning 20th March, in a pond which is 6ft long x 3ft wide x 1.5ft at deepest part. Also seen two newts (not sure if smooth or palmate). Pond is wildlife only and does not contain fish.

    Location = WA3 2DD (Warrington)

  8. Sadie says:

    NH466890 – 3 toads spotted 23rd February. Many frogs (20 plus) spotted 24th February. 1 clump of spawn seen 27th February.

    Here are some images of our frogs:

  9. David McAllister says:

    I checked the Gearrchoille wood spawning sites today.

    Lots of spawn in the pools despite the work done on the water system in the autumn. A few clumps of spawn showed a little damage on the surface due to frost or possible predation attempts.

    Admin says: Likely damage was due to frost as overnight low was below 0.5 DegC.

  10. David McAllister says:

    Frog spawn today in a garden pond in Tain

  11. Admin says:

    At last, first frog spawn at Oldtown Ardgay was seen today located at about NH 595 895.

    Big healthy clumps of spawn were seen. These will be common frogs – no adults were seen.

  12. Rosie says:

    Our first frog spawn appeared last night (night of the 24th of Feb) in our horses field.
    Field is located in the Gledfield area of Ardgay in Sutherland. Postcode IV24 3BG

  13. Terry says:

    I have just a small pond in cornwall approx 2ft x 3.5ft. I first noticed frogspawn on 19 Feb. We now have 9 massive clumps of it, merged to cover about two thirds of the pond surface and approx 20 frogs. I also have 5 fish. Once the tadpoles develop, will the fish be affected by lack of oxygen in the water, tadpole poo or food supply?

  14. David McAllister says:

    Hi Charlotte I was wondering were your garden is so that this can be entered in records. I will contact you by e-mail for details.
    David McAllister

    (Admin: complete details of Charlotte’s record have been passed on to the appropriate recording group)

  15. charlotte says:

    I had 26 frogs in my small garden pond and first frog spawn on Sat 12th Feb!

  16. Betty says:

    I saw my first frogspawn today just behind the house & 2 froggies in the pond.