Loch Fleet Bird Hide

A very pleasant day for visiting this new bird hide.  It is accessed from Golspie, down the Littleferry Road, not far after passing the southern end of  the golf course a stylish wooden gate marks the entrance.

A flat walk of under 1km brings you to the hide.

The path to the Loch Fleet bird hideTwo Arrows


We arrived less than one hour before a high spring tide to see many of the common local wader, and several duck, species.  The higher tide caused birds to move away until the muds were again visible. But, the highlight species was not tide dependent.

A TDFC First !

Russell watched the sky above the opposite shore and spotted a bird larger than a Buzzard.  It was a White Tailed Eagle.  This was a first sighting on a TDFC field trip. The bird scouted the shoreline back and forth then settled in plain view.  It was visible for an hour or so while the tide peaked and rapidly began to ebb.  More on Sea Eagles , and more .

Here is TDFC at work in the hide:

Inside the new hide at Loch FleetClick image to view

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