Nacreous Clouds over Sutherland

Last night, 29th – 30th July, there was a great display of Nacreous Clouds, or 2, at 03:00, early morning of the 30th.

The direction from Ardgay was about 45 deg east of north.  The northeastern sky was glowing bright blue/orange at that time.  A thin medium high cloud sheet covered western/southern sky areas but this sheet had a defined edge leaving a large sector above the sun crystal clear.

The Nacreous Clouds appeared in that clear sky area as filamentous, a bit like vapour trails and quite stationary, but over time the configuration was changing.  They were obviously being lighted by the sun from below the horizon.

Opalescence was clearly visible.

Photos did not work well enough to show here.

There have been alerts that Nacreous Clouds might be formed just after mid-July.  Clearly they still are.

Why, at 3am?  To put out the cat!

Phil Olson


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