Perseid Meteors, August 2013

Despite the fuss the press is making the predictions are not for an outstanding display this year but the Perseids are always good even in an average year.
The best night should be Monday (12th) when there could be up to 100 per hour.
There is good information on the Armagh Observatory website:
You can also find details (among the adverts) at Meteor Watch:
And slightly more technical at:
This is an American site but gives details for all over the world – so make sure you are reading the northern hemisphere information!
Hoping for dark skies

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One Response to “Perseid Meteors, August 2013”

  1. Phil says:

    In Ardgay, on the Monday night (peak viewing?) partly cloudy showing a few stars, 2am, Looking east, waiting 20 minutes: one meteor was seen. Chuffed? Or, disappointed?