A Nice Bee Beetle

This fine example of Trichius fasciatus was photographed last week – Sept 2012 – at Rogie Falls by Sarah Fraser.

Sept 2012 Bee Beetle at Rogie Falls
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The wing casings on the bee beetle vary in colour from creamy-yellow to deep orange. The bodies are very hairy and resemble bumble bees – hence the name.

Size: Approximately 10mms long

Distribution: Rare in the UK.

Months seen: May to July

Food: Flower petals

Habitat: Gardens and meadows

Bee beetles are found mainly on the flowers of thyme and roses.

The bee beetles are scarab beetles of the subfamily Trichiinae, which is sometimes included in the Cetoniinae as a tribe.

Thanks to Sheena Strachan for directing this sighting to us.

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