First Red Squirrel!

Here is the FIRST picture of the FIRST Red Squirrel in over 60 years at Amat, by Ardgay.

Sara Shaw's photo of that first red squirrel

A programme of re-introduction has been long in the planning and in the past few weeks small numbers have been collected from nearby Moray Firth areas and let loose in the Amat wood.

A feeding regime is in place and nesting boxes will be available to the squirrels for a year.

The Red Squirrels have not been seen at Amat since the early 50’s but nobody knows why they disappeared. It has taken 5 years to get them here, which Roy Dennis was responsible for, and it is thanks to his persistence that we now have them.

Around 17 have been put down in three different groups. They arrived in large nesting boxes which were then attached to various trees with nut feeders close by. The boxes will stay up for a year by which time, it is hoped, the squirrels will have built their own drays.

They are proving very difficult to see at the moment but they have been spotted over a mile from where they started which is very good news as they are obviously happy to go wandering.

They have been taken from two estates in Moray, where there are plenty, and two of the new arrivals are pregnant so we hope that we will eventually see the young as well.

It important to stress that that they are difficult to see. Visitors shouldn’t come thinking they will be able to see them easily. Too much disturbance at this early stage may not be helpful.

More news as we receive it …

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