Leonid Meteors 2009

Leonid meteor watch at Cartomie, Edderton,  17th November 2009.

I had been keeping an eye on the sky during the evening and there was some cloud coming and going but it had been clear at times so I was hopeful that we might see something. Unfortunately most people had to call off during the evening so it was just Chris and I.

It was approaching 2130 by the time I had all my bits out for the evening and there was a large clear area of sky to the north. As I sat down we saw a fireball skim the horizon to the north quite bright. This was a good start!

Things however were a bit slow. There were plenty off flashes but these seemed to be coming from Tain range! There were meteors and most of them were quite big and bright but they were not very often. Chris went in at  2300 and she had seen only 4 I may have seen more than she had but the frequency did not pick up. There were some good fireballs with trails that lasted for a few seconds but the frequency was about 4 per hour right through until about 0130 when I packed up for the night. There were actually 2 close together about this time as I sat on the bench having a last look before going in.

Hoping for Leonid meteors

Sky view

So to sum up I probably saw about 20 meteors during the watch. A few of these may have been “sporadics” not Leonids.

The sky had cleared out by about 2230 with the odd bit of cloud drifting through and there was less cloud after midnight until 0130 when a few more bits started to appear. It had been a good night but I was disappointed with the numbers and I didn’t get any photos of any meteors.

Russell Wood

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