Photos for TDFC website

Please, Please take lots of pictures wherever you are.

Please also send the ones you like to Phil. Send high quality photos, they will be reduced for the internet by Phil.

Here are two types of picture we are looking for:

  1. ‘Normal’ photographs of things that interest you. They will also interest others.
  2. ‘Elongated photographs for our website banner.

A normal photo will look something like this, which is a fine picture:
Fay's Adder

To use that photo as a TDFC website banner we need to shape it into a long, thin photo:

  • First like thisFay's Adder at an angle
  • Then we add the website banner material, like thisFay's ADDER as a banner

So it is nice to take two pictures; one normal and one to become a longer, thinner banner on the website.

Here is one Fay prepared earlier; it is easy to cut out a long, slender banner from this photo.Fay's Caterpillar

One key to banner photos is to back off a bit, thus shrinking the subject a little and leaving room at one end, or at both ends.  Clearly this photo above has the subject centred,  but having it at one side would be fine. Imagining the photo as long and slender is the important thing for a banner – like this:06-kubrickheader-caterpillar

So, how do you send me an email with a photo attachment?
Use this address (disguised) changing it into normal e-address form:
pfo ‘at’ oldtownardgay ‘dot’ info.

The e-address is disguised to avoid spam.

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